BCLC tightens identification requirements at UK Columbia casinos.

The precise date of implementation will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

To support those registered in British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s (BCLC) Game Break self-exclusion program, BCLC is strengthening identification requirements at British Columbian (BC) casinos this summer.

The improvements will require everyone to show Government-issued photo identification for access.

Security personnel will scan identification, which will then be automatically compared to a database of those who are prohibited from accessing gaming establishments, including Game Break participants. For individuals who are authorised to enter the casino, the system will not keep any personal data.

This new requirement matches BCLC’s goal of having the healthiest players in the world through programs for player health that are evidence-based and aimed at producing good results.

The self-exclusion program offered by BCLC has received thorough third-party evaluations, and they reveal that participants believe identity checks at gaming establishments will best support their decision by preventing entry.

The exact implementation date will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Additionally, Gambling Support BC offers free prevention, treatment and support services to residents of British Columbia. Players are advised that identification may be required even before formal implementation to verify age and/or identity, as identification is also screened for procedures like jackpot prize claims. Meanwhile, Light & Wonder announced a distribution agreement to provide ReelPlay games to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) in April 2023. Furthermore, the BCLC was recognised by the Government last year for its work in Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DI&B). BCLC was honoured as a “5-Star Diversity & Inclusion Employer” on the Human Resources Director Canada website, which claimed that the business has “gone above and beyond” in efforts to create and maintain an inclusive working environment.

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