Sports betting is a type of gambling that focuses on predicting outcomes of athletic contests and making bets on them. Sports betting is a term that can be used to describe both human and non-human competitions as well as sporting events like basketball or American football (i.e., horse racing). Even though they aren’t strictly sports in the traditional sense, some online sports betting sites offer the chance to wager on non-sporting events like the results of elections or entertainment-related events (e.g., the Oscars).

The Supreme Court legalized sports betting in 2018, allowing each state the freedom to choose how to handle the divisive activity. Some eagerly embraced it and bet on their first individual games that same year. Others don’t appear to be keen on allowing international gambling.

Nations that permit online gambling include:

Sports betting became allowed in the state in April 2021. Since that time, Arizona has become one of the states with the fastest expansion of internet gambling. The state was also the first in the nation to implement in-stadium sportsbooks. Sportsbooks went online on September 7, 2021, the first day of the NFL season. Since then, Arizona has regularly ranked among the top 10 states in terms of gambling revenue.

Sports betting has only been permitted in Arkansas since February 2022, so it is still a comparatively new practice there. Sports betting was initially only available at three land-based casinos, but in spring 2022, the state government forced through comprehensive legislation to legalize it more widely.

One of the first states to legalize and control the retail and internet sports betting industry was Colorado in May 2020. Analysts have long viewed the Centennial Location as a state that is suitable for the sector given the presence of numerous prestigious institutions and well-known sports teams like the Denver Broncos and Denver Nuggets.

Connecticut has quietly become a top location for the expansion of sports betting in recent years, thanks in part to tribal gaming aspirations and several sizable free-standing casinos, like Foxwoods. Sports betting has been legal in the province since October 2021.

Illinois has become one of the top states for sports wagering due to its sizable population and Chicago’s fame in the sports world. Due to well-known teams like the Bulls, Bears, and Blackhawks, many residents were anxious to start placing legal sports wagers within state lines. It has become one of the top five sports betting platforms since the state legalized it in March 2020.

Indiana’s sports betting industry has demonstrated to be thriving in the upper Midwest. As of this writing, Indiana has accepted the fifth-highest number of bets in the country, in part due to its quick choice to implement a regulated sports betting model. There are currently 13 bookmakers operating in Indiana. In October 2019, five months after the Indiana legislature initially approved the proposal, the state legalized online gambling.

In August 2019, one of the first states to pass legislation allowing regulated internet sports betting was Iowa, which is home to more than 20 casinos. In terms of handling per population, it has since advanced to rank among the top five states. A wager known as a “handle” is made by sports bettors prior to any winnings being given out.

Louisiana is another state that is frequently cited as being the perfect environment for the expansion of mobile sports wagering. The presence of the New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Pelicans, and other illustrious sports schools gives locals plenty to be excited about. Physical betting began in Louisiana in October 2021, and online casinos began operating there in January 2022. With the ability to join more than 40 mobile betting companies, Louisiana has high expectations for growth.

In recent years, Michigan has taken action to pass thorough internet gaming regulations. While physical betting started in March 2020, online sportsbooks made their début in January 2021. Thanks to the existence of major sports organizations like the Detroit Pistons, Detroit Lions, and Detroit Tigers, Michigan has the recipe for a strong foundation. The Wolverine State is home to the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, both of which have thriving football teams.

The fact that Nevada is frequently regarded as the center of American gaming has a direct impact on sports betting. In the Silver State, sports wagering has been legal for many years. In contrast to other jurisdictions where beginning mobile betting is a simple process, Nevada requires in-person registration at a casino. As a result, some bettors have been discouraged from placing wagers, and some industry professionals have pushed for a regulation change.

New Hampshire

The only smartphone betting company in the state of New Hampshire is DraftKings. The state authorized mobile betting in December 2019.

New Jersey
After taking the initiative to repeal PASPA, New Jersey quickly surpassed Nevada as the top state in terms of sports betting traffic on a monthly basis (before New York entered the fray). This is not unexpected given the regulatory restrictions in Nevada and the long-standing presence of Atlantic City in New Jersey. There are currently 21 options for smartphone betting available to consumers.

A new York
New York, where operators started working in the state in January 2022, is one of the most recent jurisdictions to permit and regulate sports betting. Because of its massive population, the existence of several tribal casinos, and the popularity of significant sports organizations like the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets, New York is anticipated to constantly rank at the top of monthly handling records. Since the industry’s inception, New York has seen daily handling of more than $1 billion.

State legislation passed by the Buckeye Legislative authorized sports betting in 2021, making regulated sports wagering possible as of January 1, 2023. Ohio lagged behind other states in passing legislation, but it finally did, making it one of the biggest markets for online sports betting. Even though online sportsbooks didn’t start operating until a few months after the start of the NFL season, fans of the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals will shortly bet on their teams.

Oregon has had trouble effectively integrating itself into the sports betting industry since allowing operators in 2019. Currently, only DraftKings offers smartphone gambling services in the state, and it is unlikely that this number will increase in the future. Oregon prohibits college sports betting within the state.

Pennsylvania has a large market, and both Pittsburgh and Philadelphia have sports teams. The state began developing retail sports wagering regulations in the summer of 2018, and mobile betting was approved in 2019. It has now developed into one of the most lucrative state-run sports wagering operations in the nation.

Providence, RI
Rhode Island has the eighth-smallest population of any state, so the possible advantages of a sustained rise in sports betting are diminished. Only William Hill, a division of Caesars Entertainment, offers mobile wagering in Rhode Island. Before placing a wager, one used to need to physically register, but that prerequisite was removed by the state’s regulatory body. Since 2018, Rhode Islanders have had access to storefront sportsbooks.

Tennessee is undoubtedly a special case in the American sports wagering industry. It is the only jurisdiction lacking a physical sportsbook. also restricting locals’ use of the internet for gambling. In Tennessee, sports wagering was legalized in 2019.

Virginia unveiled its first gambling-related plans in January 2021. There are seven companies, including some of the most well-known brands in the industry like BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel. Virginia legislation allows a maximum of 11 operators, so there is room for four more participants.

North Carolina
West Virginia is a clandestine hub for all forms of internet gambling because the state is trying to legalize and regulate both mobile sports betting and online poker. Despite the state’s small population and lack of major sports teams, some of the most well-known operators, including DraftKings and FanDuel, have their headquarters there.

Unexpectedly, the state with the lowest population in the union has battled for the past two years to legalize sports betting, with the first bets being accepted on mobile devices in September 2021.

States where legalization is imminent

Florida – In November 2021, sports betting was briefly legalized in Florida.
Maine – Although it has not yet started, betting has been allowed in Maine since May 2022, both offline and online.
Nebraska – Although legal since May 2021, live in-person sports wagering has not yet begun.
Ohio – Since December 2021, Ohio has permitted sports wagering, though it hasn’t yet begun.
South Dakota – Since November 2020, sports betting has been permitted there; it was first made accessible at casinos in Deadwood. Online gambling is still forbidden.

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