Songdo TOP, the new powerhouse in middle school, wins second title this year

The team deserves to be called a powerhouse in middle school 3×3.

Songdo TOP won the middle school finals of the KBA 3×3 KOREA TOUR 2024 3rd Sejong Tournament against Newzine at the Sejong Complex Community Center on the 7th, winning 10-6 in a tightly contested match.

It was a close game that was never in doubt. Songdo TOP, who dominated the early game with Ezio’s firepower, was pushed back by Newzins’ offense with two-pointers. At one point, 스포츠토토사이트 the gap widened to three points.

However, it was Songdo TOP who had the stronger backbone. After back-to-back two-pointers by Izio, Songdo TOP quickly turned the tide and regained the lead with another two-pointer. He then added a basket just before the end of the game to make it a four-point game.

The MVP was Ezio (@Ezio3). It was a no-brainer. IZIO showed off his offense to the fullest, scoring six points in the final. With this victory, Songdo TOP won their second Korea Tour title of the year after the first in April.

“This is my second title already this year, and I want to enjoy the joy of winning with my teammates. I feel so good and can’t wait to go home and rest (laughs). I hope to do well in the remaining competitions and lift the trophy again,” he said.

When asked what is the secret behind her recent strong performance in the national 3×3 tournament, she said, “My teachers always give me good guidance on the rules and habits of 3×3 basketball. At first, I was unfamiliar with 3×3, but thanks to their good teaching, I’ve completely adapted to it now.” He also thanked the coaching staff.

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